Lukes Story

I started training at CCW in April 2017. My girlfriend Mel was lifting there at the time, so I thought I’d try it out.



My goal when I first walked in was to just lose some weight and get stronger. Along the way, I found the movements very different to what I was used to, which I really enjoyed. Coming from a Basketball and classic gym type setting, I found the Snatch and Clean & Jerk fun to learn. I met some good friends that I enjoy training with and have never looked back.


After having both a shoulder and knee reconstruction by my early 20s, this had left my mobility less than desirable. Incorporating mobility work into my warm-ups really seemed to improve my range of motion which in turn helped the progression of my technique. Also seeing my physio (Jacinda Cheong) on a regular basis helped keep everything in check. 


After 2 competitions I managed to qualify for Victorian State Champs which I am training hard for to qualify for the Senior Nationals in September.



Since starting at CCW I never thought my body could change the way it did. I started out being 120kg and now in my last competition, I managed to compete as a 94kg lifter which I never thought possible let alone within 12 months.


Coach Joshua - "First meeting Luke in our private sessions I saw that he was very raw strong. He could shift some weight no worries but mobility was a big issue! I wouldn't let him pull from the floor or squat full depth until he could do it correctly and safely. Being the type of person Luke is, he took this as a challenge to make sure he can complete the full lifts. He has worked tirelessly to improve his range of motion and has made massive improvements. Struggling with a knee injury we had to take a step back for a couple months, and again, Luke used this time to ensure he was getting better and strong everywhere else. This shows real mental strength and resilience to be able to achieve over the course a couple months. Watching his progress of losing weight and getting stronger is inspirational, to say the least."


Check Luke out on @luke.gazzola on Instagram to continue following his journey.




Joshua Ward