Lani, "I wanna come lift with you folks"

I sent my first email to them titled "I wanna lift with you folks!" in October of 2017. I started not very long after that!


I've done a lot of Power Lifting but had started really getting into Weightlifting a few years ago. I found it frustrating and so so technical but there was something about Olympic Weightlifting that was as addictive as it was occasionally infuriating. I broke my leg quite badly playing Roller Derby (my other love) and had to stop training and got into a bit of a rut, but I worked really hard to get back on track again and missed the way Weightlifting improved my skating and the way it made me feel. So, I contacted Josh and voila!

When I first walked in my only goal was to not make a complete idiot of myself, ha! No, in all honesty, Roller Derby is a really physically taxing sport and I'm often nursing niggles and mobility issues because of it and wasn't even sure I could still hit a full-depth squat. I just wanted to give it a try, I have aspirations to eventually dedicate my time to Weightlifting enough that I can compete. But that's a way off, yet.

I really like the people at CCW, this is what kept me coming back. I come in each day enjoying their company and the way Josh coaches. I like the quiet nights and the time between lifts where you could hang out with people who become your friends. I love the way everyone supports each other and how positive the vibe is.


As I mentioned, mobility and muscle soreness and injury from other sports commitments have proven tricky for me, but it's something Josh helps me with, in the way he programs for me. I've had to really start over and unlearn bad weightlifting habits and relearn things the right way, which I guess is a danger of having trained on my own for a while when I'd done Weightlifting previously. I struggle with time constraints and have to juggle a lot with tournaments, work commitments and family etc. but I make a solid effort to get to the gym as much as I can. I really miss it when I'm away too long.

I'm getting more confident and working my way towards heavier weights and better techniques. Slowly slowly. Before I started at CCW my max Snatch had only ever been 35kgs, because my form and technique were terrible. Now my 1RM Snatch is 55kgs and I'm aiming to test again soon - My C&J is 67.5kgs which is more than I'd ever managed to clean previously. Those numbers in themselves and my confidence are a good indication that I'm in a good place.

I just want to keep getting stronger, I want to keep building my ability to get faster which I find Weightlifting really great for and hitting PR numbers that I'm proud of. I've always been strong but I'd like to move better and get more dynamic in that movement. 



I've recently started cleaning up my diet so I can start to cut weight and tone up the way I want to. I feel pretty determined in that and once I get on a roll, I'm pretty consistent. I need to keep committing to the cause, making sure I train whenever I can and in the best headspace I can, despite the usual life stressors. I'm absolutely a long game work in progress. 

Probably my PR weights are my biggest achievements and finally nailing box jumps after some real trauma stopped me from doing them for a long time. Celebrating the wins with my gym pals the way we do and improving my technique and understanding of Weightlifting is the best.

Joshua Ward