Controlled Chaos Weightlifting Club

New to the scene, Controlled Chaos Weightlifting, is a Coburg based Weightlifting Club. Come down and have a lift with us!

About Us


  • Controlled Chaos uses a variety of techniques, from video analysis to mobility sessions, to improve your overall weightlifting performance!

  • Coach is Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 2 Certified.

  • Has experience competing on a national level and enjoys preparing athletes for competition.


  • FULL MEMBERSHIP - We create a 3 day a week program tailored to your specific needs to help you reach new weightlifting milestones.

  • 10 SESSION PASS - A great way to get started. You have access to the gym and coaching during open hours.

  • BEGINNERS 5 SESSION PACK - An introduction into the world of Olympic Weightlifting. The Coach walks you through the basics from squatting to snatching and everything inbetween.



Controlled Chaos Weightlifting believes that weightlifting is a sport best enjoyed in a supportive environment. As much as weightlifting is an individual sport, everyone needs a great team behind them to help create and share their success. Whether you're looking to compete, or just want to feel strong and confident, we are here to help you out the whole way. Email Controlled Chaos today to sign up for the program that suited for you!

What Is Olympic Weightlifting?

  • Olympic Weightlifting is a fast, dynamic, explosive strength sport that consist of two lifts: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

  • The great thing about weightlifting is that it really is for everyone; whether you want to compete at the highest level or just stay healthy and strong!

  • It targets a wide range of fitness from strength, power and speed to balance, co-ordination, agility, accuracy and flexibility.

Who Would Benefit From Weightlifting?

  • Everyone and anyone can benefit from weightlifting!

  • Athletes who are on pre-season training for a sport can increase their strength, speed and explosiveness.

  • Kids who could benefit from learning about body awareness and co-ordination.

  • If you are training in functional fitness and want to focus more on your technique and increase your workout times.

  • The list goes on!

“Awesome friendly weightlifting club with excellent personalised coaching programs. For any level and any goal!”
— Jessica Dudgeon

“Josh (the head coach) is incredibly supportive and creates tailored programs for each of his clients catering for their specific goals and their experience.”
— Hussein Hafez

“Olympic Weightlifting has changed the way I exercise. Training with Controlled Chaos has made me physically and mentally stronger in ways I never thought possible!”
— Johanna Wyatt